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Wooden Window Decorative Inserts

These window Silhouettes were designed by Helen Foley for the two windows beside her woodstove. The left-side design has the males of each animal species and the right-side, the females. There are deer, ducks in flight and pheasants. The different seasons can be seen in the background thru the cutouts, providing the ever changing view of our four seasons. In winter the birdfeeder outside attracts the brilliant cardinals. In spring the tulips peek up in the small garden, followed by miniature red roses in summer and sunflowers in autumn.

These silhouettes are hung with piano hinges and swing open like doors to provide easy access to the windows behind them. They are cut from 3/4 inch plywood, sanded and stained. They are approximately 4 foot tall and 2 feet wide and custom fitted to inset in the windows. Do you have a window that meets special needs like these did or just want to make a change from the ordinary? How about your cabin up north or your garage? E-mail us with your questions or requests at: steve_and_theresa@yahoo.com


                                            woodstove windows            Left insert                     Lower half                    Upper half

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